• How to bind two or more files together using iexpress

    Hey guys, Today I am going to share a new method with you which will enable you to bind/join two exe files using iexpress. Running the main execution file will also run your hidden execution files in the background without the user knowing it. This will help you to hide your trojans/ keyloggers/ passwords behind harmless executables. Though there are many binders and crypters available on the internet, they are themselves binded with another trojan. Do not download them. I have also posted another atticle Easy crypting and binding techniques to make a virus file FUD. I dont know how many of you are aware of this great windows tool. Even i was searching for tools to hide my trojans until i came to know that there exists an inbuilt windows executable binder which can bind the files more easily and better than others. Also a great advantage that if you bind your exe's using iexpress they are likely to become FUD (fully undectatable) as we are using a genuine windows utility. If you haven't heard of IExpress before, you need not worry. I know I am boring you now, lets jump into the climax.

    1. First open run ( window + r ) and enter iexpress.

    Follow the screenshots (recommended)

    2. A new window will appear just like the one below.

    3. Since we are creating a new file, we will just click next (follow the screenshots)

    How to bind two or more files together using iexpress
    4. Give any title to the package.
    How to bind two or more files together using iexpress

    5. If you enter any text it will be shown to the user before the installation. For example: if you write a message like "for cracking photoshop, please disable your antivirus". This will be shown to the user when he runs the exe. There are more chances that a user will disable their antivirus for the purpose of running cracks, keygens and warez. But I will select no prompt because I want the user to not suspect me.

    6. Do as shown below.

    7.  Important step: Click the add button and choose the files you want to be binded. For example: I selected a genuine software and adarmax keylogger created by me. If a user installs the genuine software, also my remote keylogger will be installed.

    How to bind two or more files together using iexpress

    8. Now you get two options: install program and the post install command.

    You should select our two files as shown below and click next

    9. Select as in the screenshot below.

    10. Write any path and check the hide file option (I recommended this)

    11. Proceed by following the screenshot below.

    12. click next

    13. click finish

    Ok now we are done and both the files have combined into one. Our new exe will have microsoft icon. If you change it to the icon of the genuine software, people will be more likely to run it. For example: if you are joining virus file to a chrome setup file, then after binding your file change the icon of new exe file to the chrome's icon. To learn how to change icons, check the link below.

    NOTE : Binding technique has been used to bind keyloggers that will spy on your activiry and steal your passwords, it will even take screen shots and record your webcam clips. Hackers blackmail girls and women using these keyloggers. Beware of this and only download software from sites like download.com and filehippo. Also, do not download cracks from random sites. Onhax.com provides safe cracks, serials and keygens. If you need crack for any software contact me through comments.

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    1. Have used AVG Anti-virus for a number of years now, I'd recommend this solution to all of you.


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