• How to change Icon of Exe file

    I am sharing my favorite tool for changing icon of exes.The most amazing benefit of icon changer over other software is that you can change the icon of files individually. For example: If you have hundreds of music(mp3) or documents(doc) files, then you can happily assign icons to your favorite files individually.

    By default, your operating system displays the default icon for all the files of same extension. By using IconChanger, you can set a suitable icon to the individual files. Also this program can change the icons of folders. It is also possible to set a new icon for the whole file type, that is, for all the files with specific extension. You can drag your frequently used icons to a list and use them later on.

    Also, it can be used for the purposes below:
    •   To search for icons inside files on your drive,
    •   To display icons embedded inside exe files,
    •   To extract an icon and save it as .ico file
    •   To copy icons to the clipboard.

    How to change icons using icon changer

    Icon changer makes the job easy. Follow the steps below:

    1) Fownload Icon changer from here

    2) Install Icon changer and run it. A window will appear as show below.

    If you have to change the icon for a particular file, then check files and click OK.

    3) After you have clicked ok, a new dialog box will appear. Choose the file whose icon should be changed.

    4 ) Now choose one icon from a list of icons you see by default or you can use cutom icons of your choice then click 'Set' buttons.

    Some sites that provide free icons are.

    How to change Icon of Exe file

    Voila! The icon for the file has been changed successfully. If you dont see any change, it can be observed after a system reboot.
    Thanks for reading.

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