• How To Create The Nameless Folder In Windows xp/7/8/8.1

    Hi friends, do you know how to create nameless folder in windows means a folder without name. Here I am telling you how to create nameless folder in windows. This is very interesting article how we can create the nameless folder in the windows PC or the Laptop. By the way there is no option to create such type of the folder. So here I give to the special trick by which you are able to create the nameless folder. The steps are given below and by following these steps you are able to create the nameless folder.

    Steps For How To Create The Nameless Folder In Windows Computer

    • First of all create a new folder anywhere, where you want.
    • After that click on the created folder and then right click on the folder and click on the rename option.
    • Now erase the text “new folder”
    • Then hold and press the ALT Key and type the 255 from the NUMLOCK keypad side of your keyboard
    • Then leave the ALT key then you find that your nameless folder is created
    Remember: While typing the 255 make sure that NUMLOCK keypad in ON otherwise your keys not work while pressing.
    I know you enjoy this trick a lot and if you are facing any problem with this software then write your problem in the comment box we give you the best solution for it. And if you have any suggestion then also writes in comment box or chat box.

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