• Send Exe, Com, Msi or dll through email.

    You may know this fact that normally we cannot be able to send any executing or self extracting files (*.exe, *.dll, *.msi, *.com etc ) directly through email. But there is simple trick that can help you to send executing files through email.


    To keep privacy of your important files it is essential to hide anywhere or protect it by any encryption techniques.But there is a simple trick to hide your important files inside a picture and there by disguising it.eventhough you hide any files inside a picture,it will show only the properties of a picture. And one more thing by this trick you can send any exe or dll files through your email by hiding inside a picture.

    Here's the the trick:

    Step 1:

    You will need two files - the file you want to hide and one jpg image - it can be of any size or dimensions. [If you want to hide multiple files in one jpeg image, just zip them into one file]

    Step 2:

    Copy the above two files to the C: folder and open the command prompt window.( or any directory )

    Step 3:

    Move to the c: root by typing cd \ [if the files are in another folder, you'll have to change the prompt to that folder]

    Step 4:

    The most important step - type the following command:

    copy /b myimage.jpg + filetohide.pdf my_new_image.jpg

    To recover the original PDF file, just rename my_new_image.jpg to filename.pdf.

    Here we illustrated with an pdf file as that works with simple renaming. If you want to apply this technique to other file formats like XLS, DOC, PPT, AVI, WMV, WAV, SWF, etc, you may have to first compress them in RAR format before executing the copy /b DOS command.

    To restore the original file, rename the .jpg file to .rar and extract it using 7-zip or Winrar

    or type the following command in cmd

    ren hided.jpg new.zip.

    That's it - No advanced Stenography tricks involved here. Just remember to write the correct syntax of the copy command:


    To hide

    copy /b sourceimage.jpg + filetohide.ext targetimage.jpg

    note: ext is the file extension

    To recover the hided file run the following command 

    ren targetimage.jpg new.ext


    Its useful to send any files such as exe, com, msi or dll files directly through email,by using this technique..

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