• Legal introduction to carding and possible ways to get credit card infos and paypal logins

    Warning: Whatever you are reading is legal to read but highly illegal to perform. You are reading this due to your personal interest and with an intention to just get basic knowledge about carding. Even posting info about carding is illegal. I believe that to prevent yourself from being a victim of carding, you should learn it!

    Legal introduction to carding and possible ways to get credit card infos and paypal logins

    What is carding?

    Getting information about bank accounts and other online payment medias through hacking is called carding.

    How to be safe from carding? + How to be safe while using credit/ debit cards?

    How would you feel if someone would buy an Air Conditioner worth $1500 from your money? You would be hot and they would feel cool. If you dont want some scenario like this to happen you should always check if you are shopping in a reliable site like Amazon or Flipcart. If you shop into a local store, which has a poor design, it might leak your payment information?

    Can carding be used to buy anything?

    Yes carding can be used to buy anything but when you buy any item costing more that $1000 it might alert the actual owner of the credit card.

    How can I do carding?

    If you begin carding, it is important for you to be safe by using proxies to hide you actual IP address or else people from FBI will come to ship your items!!!

    Possible ways to card:

    1. Keylogging

    2. SQL injection

    3. HTTP session injection

    4. Social Engineering

    5. Hijacking shopping websites by finding vulnerabilities

    Ok now teach me how to card?

    No never! I don't want to go jail at the young age! But you can learn carding through www.blackstuffs.net and www.alboraaq.com

    To just get Credit Cards for free use alboraaq.com

    Ok check these too http://pastebin.com/feXMx4dN

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