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    Hello friends, Its me Bhaskar. I strongly believe that software cracking is wrong. In fact, developers have to give their hard dedication and precious time while developing a software and people like me crack them within minutes. (PS: don't tell anyone I cracked it in 30 seconds). But its their fault for not implementing better security!.
    If you go to another site to find a crack, they will give you a VIRUS or ask you to complete a boring survey. That's why Rithel.com provides you cracking methods which you can close eyes and believe.

    No need to DOWNLOAD ANY FILE!

    The reason you have come to Rithel.com

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    Method to crack:

    Since, these tools are used by experts, I need not give very detailed instructions. You will need Sandboxie to crack it. Well most of the experts have it already if you don't, you can get it easily.

    Additional Software Required: Sandboxie (FREEWARE)
    Size: ~2.5MB
    Link: http://www.sandboxie.com/SandboxieInstall.exe

    Virus Check: SandboxieInstall.exe
    Scan Results
    Avast Clean
    Bitdefender Clean
    Malwarebytes Clean
    Rithel.com Malware Analysis Clean

    Next, Install both applications in sandboxie and enjoy 30 days fully functional free trial.
    Now what? When your trial expires then reset the trial. This technique will work for all trial based applications. I call it STAR (Sandboxie Trial Auto Reset) method.

    Step 1: Create an special sandbox named CRACK

    File menu>Sandbox>>Create New Sandbox

    Step 2: Install the applications in CRACK sandbox


    Step 3: Add shortcuts on desktop

    DO NOT CREATE SHORTCUTS BY REGULAR METHOD! If the application runs directly, STAR method will fail. Instead do:
    Right click on desktop>New>>Shortcut

    In location type:
    "C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" "C:\Sandbox\%username%\CRACK\drive\C\Program Files (x86)\Resource Tuner\restuner.exe"

    Make sure to provide appropriate path to the item

    Step 4: Reset trial every 30 days.

    Open notepad and type:

    attrib -h -r -s /s C:\Sandbox\%username%\CRACK\*
    del /f /Q C:\Sandbox\%username%\CRACK\reg*
    RMDIR /S /Q C:\Sandbox\%username%\CRACK\user
    del /f /Q C:\Sandbox\%username%\CRACK\drive\C\Windows\irun6002.exe
    Note: If you have sandboxie installed in drive D: or E: then change the drive letter. 

    Save the file on desktop as STAR.bat
    Run this file every month. Enjoy!

    Now you can crack any software using sandbox. If you want crack for any software of the world, just comment below.

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