• nodistribute.com is fake - it shares samples

    Analysis for nodistribute.com (review)

    Hey friends! I have seen some people posting the links to nodistribute.com on various forums. One day, my friend made me to check our own malware on the site and what I found days after was heartbreaking. Nodistribute stresses on the word 'NOT DISTRIBUTED' to fool us to upload our files on it while it is not different than other thug online scanners like virustotal.
    nodistribute.com is fake - it shares samples

     So, I have thought to check whether nodistribute.com is legit or not.

    Is nodistribute fake? Is nodistribute safe? Is nodistribute legal? Is nodistribute legit? Continue Reading>>

    What I did:

    I uploaded my fresh malware that had 0 detections just to test if it is being detected. I was doing well until I suddenly noticed that my malware was being detected by 14 antivirus vendors, when I re uploaded on nodistribute.com.  I couldn't be sure about this until this happened to me for the second time. I felt so upset for wasting my hard work by being fooled by nodistribute.com. The website is fake and made to attract free malware samples and sell them at a good price to the antivirus companies.

    The truth:

    • nodistribute.com is fake.
    • nodistribute will share your malware samples with the antivirus vendors.
    • nodistribute will waste you thousands of lines of code.
    • nodistribute will sell malware samples at a more expensive rate than other scanners since, more likely malware authors will be using it!
    So friends, I warn you not to waste time and your hard labor by uploading anything on nodistribute.com. It is a big scam.


    1. is very fake they share samples all time checked by me and many people

    2. Motherfuckers destroyed my vip copy of crypter. Shares samples. Fake fraud service.

    3. Thanks for this article i have already sent many stubs to them now i know why they hav been detected

    4. Thank you for clarifying. I suggest you all to setup own multi engine scanner on your pc. -Download cmd line versions of av. - write batch script to update theem - write batch script to scan dropped file.

    5. Nodistribute is shitty fake scanner.

    6. its another sample collection site


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