• Get rid of reliance Jio slow speed, tackle speed throttling, have seamless speed


    In my earlier post

    I had mentioned how Reliance Jio might be using our data for its own personal benefits. In my this very post, I would like to address the ways to tackle these vexations.

    I have got the following queries from my friends asking how to get rid of reliance Jio slow speed, How to tackle Reliance Jio speed throttling and How to have Reliance Jio Seamless speed

    Installing all the jio apps

    On most of the blogs I followed I saw them mentioning this very topic to install all the jio apps but in my earlier post I had mentioned how they access your data in the background. So for the non-rooted devices I found a very reliable solution that will save your privacy to some extent.

    First of all you will have to download an app called Moboclean. You will not find this app on playstore as this app is very useful and has caused trouble to many such fraud apps who intend stealing your data. Not just jio apps but you can also use this app to clean other apps. The apps you will clean using this app will be totally under this apps control.
     download the app from here

    How to get rid of reliance Jio slow speed, How to tackle Reliance Jio speed throttling, How to have Reliance Jio Seamless speed
    After Installing the app clean the available apps and you will have the ption to control them. It wont be a difficult task to understand how it works . But you will have to allow "MyJio" to run freely as it is the main among all of them and certainly checks if the other apps are installed. I mean yes you will have install all of them , as you might have read in the kit that to start a digital life install all the apps, that certainly meant something.

    Increase browsing and download speed on pc

    I will suggest you to use usb tethering as that will consume less of your battery and run faster as well.
     So now coming to the point, here are some other ways that influence the speed too:


    Its an app that even I tried and works very well though its very costly.
    you can download it from here:

    2. Inetfusion+

    Its a good alternative to the Speedify app.
    Download it from here;

    I have personally tried both of them so you donot need to hesitate at all.

    Some other ways can be to use powerful DNS like that of Open DNS and Google.

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    This post must have answered them.


    1. Thanks for awesome article bhaskar

    2. Hi Bhaskar, thanks for using Moboclean in your article. I am glad that our product stood helpful for you.


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