• Reliance Jio Is cheating Us, Speed Throttling, stealing our data alleged by Anonymous

    Anonymous accuses Reliance Jio shares user call data to foreign ad networks, Jio refuses claims

    Recently the hacktivist group "Anonymous" accused Reliance jio of sharing user data to international
     targeted advertising companies and so I used fiddler app to test if it was true and disgusting, I came up that it really established connection to those abroad based ad companies.

    I have got queries from my friends asking if Reliance Jio Is cheating Us, Reliance Jio Speed Throttling, Reliance Jio Alleged by Anonymous, Reliance Jio is stealing our data, etc.
    Hell, that really got me some kinda worried. It also gives possibilities that the app might be sellinhg our other information's . To check that I installed those apps in a mobogenie app that's for the non rooted devices and checked their activities. To my surprise the apps like jionet, jiosecurity, Ajio and the other bluffs were contiously trying to access my contacts, sms logs and call logs and to how much I know these apps ask permission to view other apps data as well while we install them.
    To check I just installed them a while ago and though I hade made a force stop to those apps in just a minute the result was this:

    Reliance Jio Is cheating With Us,Reliance Jio Speed Throttling,Reliance Jio Alleged by Anonymous, Reliance Jio is stealing our data

    This was in just a minute and you may just think of why these app were trying to autostart and access my logs though I hadn;t signed up or setup them.

    Jio Speed Throttling

    Well earlier I had uninstalled those apps they took a lot of space adding data to themselves. The result was a gradual decrease in my download speed.
    Well somehow I found some solutions to this issue and those are easy to perform. I will be sharing them on my next post.


    1. Even I have try the speed test. After trying ur post it is very fast now.


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