• Which chat room should I use? Best chatroom reviews contest.

    Comparison of dozens of chatroom websites

    Hello lovely readers! Are you fond of chatting, do you like meeting new people on the internet? Is logging into a chatroom is the first thing you do after you wake up? Well there's a good news for all the chatroom seekers. I am comparing all the best popular chatroom websites as a common man. Its not another boring automated cheap review for likes and hits. As you know that this is a non-profit blog, whatever I do is just for public awareness.

    If you are a lazy person who doesn't want to insert his hand into the hive but wants lots of honey then you need not get bee bites on your face. I have no issues telling you that the winner of this competition is Yesichat.com .

    Mr. Jack Ass read this post and went to ask me a few questions to yesichat admin. By having a glance at their conversation, you will get to know what yesichat is and why it stood better than other chat websites.

    Jack interviewed Yesi

    Mr. JackAss: So, whats YesiChat?
    YesIChat is an international chatroom where you can chat as you like. No limits on any user. No signup, registration and login to use YIC. It allows random chatting.

    Jack: Really no login?
    Yes, we want everyone to have a right to speech along with freedom.

    Jack: Oh but there are already so many chat websites. Whats so hot about YesiChat?

    Yesichat is simple in design and sophisticated in features. We are professionals and we know how to amuse a user and how not to confuse a user. What's simple is - beautiful.
    No lengthy texts no 100 pages scattered all over the page. Just one field to type username and 1 button to enter the chat.

    2. Speed.
    Yesichat is purely designed in html5 and css. Other 90% chat websites are made in Flash. Flash is a poor technology hated by google, youtube and many organizations. Flash is not secure and overloads your browser and heats up your cpu. 

    3. No spam.
    Most spam will be blocked by robot admin. Other will be blocked by humans there. Thanks to the craftman behind yic's awesome anti-spam security system.

    3. Freedom.
    Yesichat gives freedom to users to do whatever they want.

    4. Features.
    Yesichat has everything that you could imagine. Yesichat was crafted with imagination, user safety and beauty in mind so that you need not worry about anything rather than chatting.

    Jack: Thats great! But what did you get by doing that much? How much do you earn running yesichat.com?
    Yesichat is not a shopping website, its a chatting website. Lets move to something above money. Satisfaction is something that you cannot buy, you have to earn it. Yesichat is the second almost an alternative name for it. ;)

    Jack: I am coming to yesichat. Please make my account VIP.
    You will have to be regular for a week for that to happen. LOL. Sure Jack we have vacant seats for VIP, moderator, admins. Any experienced moderator of any other room like {}{}{} are welcome for a respected post and a delicious mug of coffee with homemade toast.

    Jack: Look dude, I will ask the11hacker to compare yesichat with twelve other most popular sites and we will know who's the best. Ok?
    We have no issues with that.

     The comparison begins:

    A dozen of chatrooms have been included in this comparison. I manually visited these sites but couldn't take pictures because they might come to sue me. So here is the detailed and short summary.

    Name: allindiachat (All India Chat)
    URL: allindiachat.com
    Features: Unable to examine much.
    Mobile Friendly: Cannot be operated on mobile.
    Rating: 1/5
    *Phone users are sent to another site. Computer and mobie users cant chat together.
    *They are stepping out of their scope. They are providing movies, astrology and ringtones. Which chatroom does that. I didnt like this at all. Its like mixing all the vegetables you have into the curry. Would you ever like to taste that horrible dish?
    *It is poorly designed. Not modern, lots of options and pages.
    *Only indians allowed. Nobody entertains a foreigner.
    *It uses Java and Flash- These technologies make the browser heavy and are not recommended. Java is vulnerable to bugs that can allow a hacker to break into your
    computer system and steal your credit card information.

    Name: enterchatroom (Enter Chatroom)
    URL: enterchatroom.com
    Features: Guest login, Webcam.
    Mobile Friendly: Shame on the name of mobile friendly.
    Rating: 1/5
    *Needs email verification to send message.
    *Poorest design. It took me 1 minute to find the chat box.
    *Lots of webpages with funny purposeless text just to fool search engines. (sigh)
    *Dirty chat.
    *SPAM, lots of spam.

    Name: onlinechat
    URL: onlinechat.co.in
    Features: Guest chat.
    Mobile Friendly: No, it says flash not installed.
    Rating: 1.5/5
    *Difficult to use.
    *Very heavy and slow.
    *Dirty users.
    *Spam. Lots of spam.
    *Not user friendly.
    *Looks like a drunk web designer designed it lazily.

    Name: chatib
    URL: chatib.us
    Features: Guest chat, design looks good.
    Mobile Friendly: No
    Rating: 1.5/5
    *The site requires your location.
    *70% of users are bots.
    *No real human here.
    *Lots of ads.
    *People dont reply in private.

    Name: indiachat (India Chat)
    URL: indiachat.co.in
    Features: Guest chat.
    Mobile Friendly: No, screen overflows and mobile freezes.
    Rating: 1.5/5
    Difficult to use due to bad design.
    *Uses 79% cpu usage. Uses old flash technology.
    *Indian users only.
    *Spam. Uses IRC. No one can chat peacefully.
    *Not user friendly.
    *Looks like they designed it in MS-Paint.

    Name: mingle2 (mingle2)
    URL: mingle2.com
    Features: Login to chat, Private chat, Dating site, Android app.
    Mobile Friendly: Not at all. Only for desktop and laptop users.
    Rating: 2/5
    Android App is available. Applause.
    *Email Verification
    *Difficult to use.
    *Not user friendly.
    *Lots of pages scattered on the page.

    Name: chat-avenue (Chat Avenue)
    URL: chat-avenue.com
    Features: Guest chat, Private chat, Sex.
    Mobile Friendly: Shame on the name of mobile friendly.
    Rating: 2/5
    *Flash chat. Just after visiting once, my browser started shivering due to heaviness.
    *Lots of pages with meaningless text just to get google's attention. (sigh)
    *Dirty chat.
    *SPAM, lots of spam.

    Name: e-chat (E chat co)
    URL: e-chat.co
    Features: Guest chat, Private chat, Dating site.
    Mobile Friendly: It might blast your mobile phone or scare away your browser.
    Rating: 2.5/5
    Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Applause.
    Very easy to use.
    Very few pages. (claps)
    *Dirty chat. Adult content warning. I never go online seeking sex like a dog.

    Name: megachatroom (Mega Chat Room)
    URL: megachatroom.com
    Features: Guest chat, Private chat, Beautiful emojis, No spam.
    Mobile Friendly: Sorry but its not mobile friendly.
    Rating: 3/5
    Average to use.
    Design is better than above three. Finally, I can take a deep long breath.
    Doesnt stress cpu. :)
    Funny and interesting commands.
    *Too bright screen, my eyes are tired enough already.
    *Not user friendly.
    *Lots of pages scattered on the page.
    *Not using modern design.
    *Could have been simpler to use.

    Name: strangermeetup (Stranger Meetup)
    URL: strangermeetup.com
    Features: Random chat, Mobile app, Good design, HTTPS.
    Mobile Friendly: Mobile friendly.
    Rating: 3.2/5
    Its Secure.
    One-on-one chat.
    Its Faster than all of the above listed sites.
    No cons. Applause! Great job strangermeetup. StrangerMeetup does what it has been made for.

    Name: talkwithstranger (Talk With Stranger)
    URL: talkwithstranger.com
    Features: Random chat, Good design.
    Mobile Friendly: Not at all mobile friendly.
    Rating: 3.1/5
    Design is good.
    Its a One-on-one chat website. In face, its not a chatroom.
    Its fast to operate. You need not wait between messages.
    *If any stranger disconnects, the page will reload and you have to enter your name again.
    Applause! Great job talkwithstranger.

    Name: wireclub (Wire Club)
    URL: wireclub.com
    Features: Random chat, Good design, HTTPS.
    Mobile Friendly: Not at all mobile friendly.
    Rating: 3.3/5
    HTTPS protocol makes chatting secure in wireclub.
    Design is easy to use and its fast. You will instantly recieve messages. Its cool.
    I really liked it. Wanted to kiss its simplicity.
    Many emoticons. I love emoticons because pictures express more words than sentences.
    *Email verification is needed to join the chat.
    Applause! Good job wireclub. Better to consider making changes to the Email Verification thing.

    Name: yesichat (Yes I Chat)
    URL: yesichat.com
    Features: Guest chat, Modern design, HTTPS, Private Chat, Games, Blog, Social Networking, Moderation, Anti-Spam.
    Mobile Friendly: Mobile friendly.
    Rating: 5/5


    Global Users
    YesIChat is an international chatroom where you can chat as you like.

    Yay! Lots of music. Many international radio channels. Over 20 best hand-picked music channels.

    Robust Design
    Everything is on the same page. You can chat, play games, listen music, write things, change your profile all on the same page.

    Night Mode
    Night mode lets you chat in dark environment and give rest to your eyes.

    Freedom to speech
    No limits on any user. Private chat. No signup, registration and login to use YIC. Random chatting.

    Social Network inbuilt
    If you meet like minded people, you can add them to your friendlist. No need to goto Facebook/ Instagram.

    User safety
    Ignore/block annoying users, prevent unknown people from messaging you by changing Messenger settings.

    HTTPS protocol ensures that no one other than the one you are messaging can read your messages.

    Right to speak: Write your own articles which will be available on Google.

    Its very Fast and has many emoticons. Some of them just made me laugh. Really, I promise.

    Dear Yesichat, you're the winner of today's competition. I still have suggestions for you:
    1) Add more games.
    2) Promote regular users to higher ranks! (After reading my post, they promoted users to vip ranks.)
    3) Add a feature to share photos. (They added this feature after my post.)
    4) Let users share videos. (They even had added this next time I went to check.)
    2) Add video calling, if that would be possible, you would be the best chatroom.
    3) Add feature to record and send voice messages.
    4 )Add more moderators as good sites always recieve challenges from spammers.
    5) Release mobile apps. If you do that, I will add links here. And I promise more and more users will be coming from playstore and appstore.



    Yes I Chat  is new and will be overwhelmed to have your visit. After all, you guys have time to invest, don't you?
    Okay, Ok, I understand you will think over it, don't worry you are free to do that. Oh yes you would like to visit , don't you? They will be happy to see you. If you want reviews for any other category, please comment down.


    1. I don't use any social media and then I found yesichat turf it cause it was free and now I can't get enough
      10 out of 10 this place is awsome!!!

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