• Xojo Pro 2017r2.1 cracked version download [Windows + Mac]

    Hello dear programmers. Xojo (previously RealBasic) is a very useful IDE for writing cross platform software. 
    Xojo Pro 2017r2.1 cracked version download [Windows + Mac]
    It can compile the same project on Windows, Mac, Ios and Linux. You need not learn a separate programming language fore each environment and that makes me a Xojo fan. Also, Xojo is easy and fun to learn. And if you are a beginner, you can learn as you go. Xojo has a large community of helpful developers and a wide range of plugins, its the best Rapid Application Development Tool for both beginners and advanced users and thats why it deserves being cracked by us lol.

    Xojo Pro 2017r2.1 cracked version download [Windows + Mac]

    I have xojo 2016r1.1, xojo r4.1, xojo r1 and r1.1 crack already. I searched all over the internet for xojo latest version crack, keygen, registration code, patch and serial. I didnt find anything.

    One or two fake crack websites were providing malware in the name of cracks, so, I thought to crack Xojo myself.

    I cracked it myself

    I use OllyDBG for cracking software. I loaded C:\Program Files (x86)\Xojo\Xojo 2017r2.1\Xojo.exe into Ollydbg and right clicked the CPU panel, searched for all reference strings, in those strings, one of them was the message that appears when someone enters a wrong registration code. I played a bit with the exe and successfully cracked Xojo latest version :D.

    I have uploaded the crack for Xojo on Rapidgator. You can download it here. There are separate Windows and Mac versions. The setup is also included in the uploaded file so you have both the setup and crack and nothing to worry. Just download and enjoy.

    Download Link

    Mediafire Download: (sorry guys, mediafire deleted my upload)

    Mac setup with crack inside

    Windows setup with crack inside

    IMPORTANT: Please turn off internet while using crack. This is important. Thank you. Comment down if you face any kind of problem.


    1. can you upload windows version in three rapidGator parts, please,Thanks in advance

      1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. zip file is unknown format or damaged both windows and mac

    3. Where is downlload link for it ????

    4. broken downloads

    5. Please i need database license... the crack works only for SQLite

    6. Please provide download or more details about OllyDBG, cant able to found those lines or how to over come the odds?

    7. I need the cracks...thanks! 😉👍


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