• Surprise! Impression CTR renamed to Impression Spam in adsense report

    Are you surprise to find the word "spam" in your adsense report? The phrase impression spam in fact is really scary as you do not want to lose your adsense account. But right now its very confusing if AdSense is deploying a new feature or its a bug in the adsense system. Currently all publishers see "Impression Spam %" instead of Click Through Rate. If you are having other weird experiences like page views are stuck/not updating properly or impressions are at hike/diminished, please share with us in the comment section.

    Adsense has updated impression metrics system today. Possibly a new feature is going to be deployed or it could simply be a bug which will be resolved in a few hours. Till then, my recommendation is to disable ad serving on your websites if you see any unusual increase in CTR. For example, if your yesterday's CTR was 1% and today it is 20%, please dont take any risk, it would be far better to disable your ads for one day until the matter is resolved.

    Currently, I am unsure what impression spam means in AdSense report. However, I will try my best to update the article to contain all recent information related to this update. Bookmark this page and stay tuned. Do share your experience/opinion in comment section.


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